Do You Know What Kind of Dentists Make the Most Money?

If you are wondering what kind of dentists make the most money, you have come to the right place. A dentist can earn more money depending on his or her specialization and educational background. Similar to most of the other industries in the world, technology is revolutionizing the dental industry, too.

3D imaging and minimally invasive procedures are changing the way general dentistry is practiced. Considering the fact that almost all people on the planet have teeth, dentistry will always be in demand. There are many things to consider when choosing an appropriate specialty of dentistry you plan to follow. The amount of money you can earn at the end of the day is only one part of it. You should have a passion for the specialty you undertake.

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Dentists That Make the Most Money

Oral surgery has come a long way in a short time span from its humble beginnings. As an oral surgeon, you will have to work independently and gain extensive experience on the subject matter.

The latest statistics reveal that jobs for oral surgeons are expected to increase by at least 21% over the next couple of years. You need a lot of dental education to become an oral surgeon. Surgeons are some of the highest paid specialists in the medical field.

An oral surgeon can expect to earn an average salary of $242,000 per year.


Orthodontists are another dental specialty that makes more money than most of the other dental specialties. These professionals fit braces and other dental appliances in the patient’s mouth. They also perform invasive procedures like root canal therapy. They will look for abnormalities like misaligned teeth to determine the right type of dental treatment for the patient.

These professionals make an average of $225,000 a year.


Endodontists are at the forefront of preventive dental care. These professionals use the latest technology and cutting edge dental treatments to make sure their patients maintain their teeth for a much longer time. You will either work in a corporate setup or a private practice. You will have a better job security and more options when you choose to become an endodontist. Endodontists are among the higher paid dental professionals in the world.

They make an average of $200,000 a year.


Prosthodontists are dental professionals who construct oral prostheses to replace missing teeth of the patient. They also help improve birth defects and the appearance of the patient’s smile. Prosthodontists are different from dental laboratory technicians. A technician will construct dental models. In fact, a prosthodontist constructs the actual prostheses that go in the patient’s mouth.

A prosthodontist can expect to make around $191,000 per year.

A general dentist will ensure his or her patients keep their teeth clean. They will perform routine checkups and cleaning after examining the teeth and gums of the patient. A general dentist uses surgical tools for many dental procedures they perform such as tooth removal. One needs a doctoral degree to become a general dentist.

A general dentist makes around $175,000 a year.

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