Teledentistry 101: How to get started, billing codes, questions, and more

By Kevin Henry, editor in chief

March 25, 2020 — I will admit that I am not an expert when it comes to teledentistry. However, I am certainly blessed to have friends in the industry who are and can help dentists and team members answer questions about this emerging technology and how it can impact dental practices during and after the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Among those friends is Teresa Duncan of Odyssey Management, considered one of the leading resources in the industry when it comes to insurance and how it impacts the practice. Lately, Duncan has told me she has been inundated with questions about teledentistry and the role it can play during this current crisis.

With that in mind, Duncan and I recorded a podcast in which she answers some frequently asked questions about teledentistry, including questions on implementation and insurance. It’s a deep dive into this trend and, as a co-host as well as a student during this episode, I learned a lot during this hour-long podcast. I believe you and your team will as well.

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