The Ultimate Guide on How to File Dental Claims

Here’s How To File Dental Claims With An Insurance Company

For most, completing a claim for the insurance company is quite a hassle. Most policies will only cover dental emergencies which means that other work a patient has done will need to be paid for out-of-pocket. When the patient does have a genuine emergency it will be necessary for them to understand how to file dental claims with an insurance company properly in order to be covered.

First, Contact The Insurance Company

There are some emergency situations where it won’t be possible to contact the insurance company prior to having the procedure done. When it is possible, however, it is important to contact the insurance company prior to any procedures and getting pre-approved first.

When you do this it means you won’t have to worry about whether or not the procedure is covered. It is also a great opportunity to ask them the specific details on how to file dental claims with them.

There may be some forms that you will have to fill out. If so, ask if they can be downloaded online or if the company can mail those to you. You will also need to know an online address or a physical address for you to send the paperwork to after you’ve completed it.

While you have the company on the phone it’s also important that you verify phone numbers that you can call should you run into any questions or concerns when filling out the necessary paperwork.


Get An Extra Copy Of Your Dental Bill
That You Can Send To The Insurance Company

It’s typically required that a receipt of the dental costs be included together with the submission of paperwork. They should be attached directly to the form or forms that you are sending to the insurance company. Even if the forms are filled out correctly and completely it won’t be enough if the receipt is not included.

Mail The Form After It Has Been Completed And Signed
As Promptly As Possible

Include a copy of the bill from the dental office for all procedures performed under an emergency basis along with all the required paperwork. Make sure it’s signed and dated and that all pertinent information is filled out completely and correctly. You will also want to make copies that you can keep for your records.

If you can get the dental office to provide a statement of treatment that details everything that was done and all the individual costs of the procedures then this will also improve the likelihood of getting the insurance to pay out on the claim. The key is being complete, correct, and as detailed as possible.

You should always check your policy to verify that the procedures you’re filing for are things that are covered. There are some policies that will pay out the entire cost while others will pay less than 100%. Knowing this will allow you to anticipate what you can expect to receive.

If you have filled out these types of forms previously with a different insurance company you will want to verify the steps and processes for the particular one you’re filing with now. The reason is simply that each company has different policies and procedures. It’s a complete waste of time if you send in the paperwork in a way that is not acceptable to the particular insurance company.

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