Those with bad teeth, disabilities barred from jobs in Nigeria

If you want a job as a superintendent, inspector, or assistant cadre with the Nigerian Immigration Service, you better not have any disabilities or physical flaws, such as crooked teeth, according to news reports.


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3/23/2020 9:35:51 AM

I wonder if the Nigerian personal physical handicap restrictions may also apply to their telephone & online scam industry? Are Nigerian fraudsters w/ impaired dentitions denied employment? 
You all have encountered this famous Nigerian industry. Here’s but a single example.
A former dignitary of Nigeria wants assistance in getting millions of dollars out of his country & requires your help. They only wish to park their money in your bank account for a short time, & will pay you handsomely for the service. All they require is your bank account numbers & password. Naturally, the end result is a draining of funds in your account. 
What does it say about a country, when one of the most notable issues w/ their nation is running bunco scams? 
Michael W Davis, DDS
Santa Fe, NM

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